Our Trip Introduction: Bratislava, Vienna, Budapest

Our Trip Introduction Bratislava Vienna Budapest

Hello, fairytale creatures!

This marks the 6th blog post, and this time I have something special in store for you. Brace yourselves, as there will be not just one, but five POSTS! Can you believe it?! Now, you might be wondering why there are so many posts this time. Well, let me be your guide and share the secret. We are embarking on a journey to Bratislava!!! And to make it even more exciting, Budapest and Vienna are added to our itinerary too!

So here are the posts that you will get from this trip:


And so, the tale begins! But first, as always, some important information!

So, this time the tale started when Donatas received flight tickets from his mom as his birthday gift! Yeehaw! Unfortunately, our third companion couldn’t join us this time as she is creating her own story while working in the stunningly beautiful spot of Nida, Lithuania! You must check out that marvellous place!

Our Adventure Strategy Unveiled

Now, let’s kickstart this new adventure! But before we dive in, some things that you for sure want to know:

Donatas’ mom purchased our tickets on the 10th of March, quite early, and it cost us 103.84 euros for a round trip for two people. Well, that’s a price! The gift is a gift, but the blog is a blog, so I had to know the cost to share it with you!

Since we planned to visit not only Bratislava but also Budapest and Vienna (believe me, I did my research, and it seems like everyone does that, so nothing special…), we needed a strategy for booking accommodations.

The strategy we came up with was this: instead of lugging all our stuff around, we would book an apartment in Bratislava and Budapest. Funny enough, Budapest seemed to have a more magical allure than Bratislava! Everyone said one day in Bratislava was enough, so we took their word for it and booked a place in Budapest for one night.

Bus to vienna

So here’s the plan: we would arrive in Bratislava on Friday evening, spend the night there, take an early bus to Budapest on Saturday, stay overnight in Budapest, spend Sunday exploring Budapest, take an evening bus back to Bratislava, spend the night there, take an early bus to Vienna on Monday, spend the day there, return to Bratislava, and finally, have Tuesday in Bratislava. On Wednesday, it would be time to head back home. 😞

As you can see, we needed accommodations in both Bratislava and Budapest, as well as bus tickets to Budapest and Vienna. That’s quite a lot to handle! But guess what? We are warriors who can handle anything!

We found a place in Bratislava for 257 euros for 5 nights and a place in Budapest for 40 euros. The place that we rented in Bratislava was really good, but the one we had in Budapest was really shitty 😀 I will provide you with more details in the posts dedicated to each city! Something to look forward to! (that is why I am adding a happy picture of me in Vienna!)

Next, we bought Flixbus tickets because we needed to save money, and other buses or trains were too expensive… I never thought I would take these buses again, but here we are, booking tickets with them once more… Tough times require tough decisions… BUT AT LEAST THE TICKETS WERE CHEAP! It cost us 35.85 EUR for round trips from Bratislava to Budapest for two people, and 17.44 EUR for round trips from Bratislava to Vienna. Impressive, right?!

P.S. The reason it was so cheap was because of the DISCOUNTS! Make sure to grab the discount available when you book your first trip with FlixBus!

So, my dear readers… Hold tight to this magic carpet and get ready for a fantastic journey with us! The next story, about Budapest, can be found here.

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